6 Reasons why you should visit Hawaii

What’s so special about Hawaii that makes it everyone’s destination goals for a vacation? If you’ve haven’t had an opportunity to go to Hawaii, there’s a lot that you are missing. 

Just to mention a few, Hawaii is an exciting top tourist destination with gorgeous scenery, stunning beaches, and exhilarating fun activities. Whether you’re looking for a beach escape away or adventure, Hawaii will give you more than you can take. 

Just to give a quick recap of the hype behind Hawaii, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should visit Hawaii. 

  • Beaches everywhere 

Hawaii has more than 750 miles of shoreline and over 400 beaches, making it a perfect destination for a beach getaway. What’s even more interesting about Hawaii beaches is that you get to choose the color of the beach you want – but you can explore them all. 

There yellow sand beaches, black sand beaches, white sand beaches, red sand beaches, and glorious green sand beaches – where else could you possibly find such! Oahu’s Waikiki and Kauai’s North Shore features some of the most spectacular beaches you can’t afford to miss. 

  • Fun water activities 

If you love water activities, Hawaii will give you an experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by endless water, Hawaii offers world-class scuba diving, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, and so much more.

As well, you can board a yacht or a submarine for an amazing underwater cruise. The only downside is that the ocean is somehow unpredictable. Therefore, if you are planning to go in the water, I’d recommend going to beaches with lifeguard protection. 

  • Adventure and hiking activities 

Hawaii is a hiker’s paradise! While some spots are restricted, there are numerous legal hiking spots that you can explore in Hawaii. Hiking over the island will give you a breathtaking experience of watching sunrises and sunsets. 

  • Fascinating Waterfalls

If you love waterfalls like I do, then you should start packing for Hawaii right away. Hawaii is home to some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in the world thanks to its lush rainforest vegetation. For the most magical waterfall experience, make sure you add Maui in your itinerary. 

  • Visit Volcanoes 

Hawaii is home to numerous volcanoes – both active and dormant ones. Make sure you visit Kilauea, which is the most active volcano in the world! This Volcano has been in constant eruption since 3rd January 1983. Located in Haleakala National Park is the Haleakala volcano, which is one of the largest dormant volcanoes in the world. 

  • The Wildlife 

Hawaii also has some incredible wildlife near the coastal regions, which are considerably easy to spot. Dolphins swim in the ocean all around the year while you can spot whales during the winter months. It won’t also be a surprise to see the endangered honu grazing on seaweed on the beach. 


Frankly, there’s so much about Hawaii that I can’t possibly exhaust in such a short article. Still, don’t forget to taste the Hawaii cultural food that has a fusion of Vietnam, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, China, and Thailand. 

As well, the shopping experience in Hawaii is amazing – make sure you go back home with something to remind you of Hawaii!