Why Everyone Must See Crater Lake in Oregon

If you haven’t seen Crater Lake in Oregon, you’re missing out. Here are some of the numerous reasons you must visit this gorgeous destination.

Crater Lake is a Massive Park

Crater Lake is not your standard outdoor park with a pond. The lake is nearly five miles wide and almost 2,000 feet deep.

If that’s not enough, you can see what’s left of the volcano near Wizard Island. When you need to dry off, check out the many surrounding hiking trails.

Nearby Lodging Choices

Even though it’s a rustic trip, you can still enjoy a clean hotel room. What better way to experience camping than turn-down service and hot onsite meals?

Stay at two nearby lodging options owned by the same company, Lake Crater Hospitality. Once the sun sets, you’ll be glad to be sleeping indoors.

Visit the Visitor’s Center

Although it may sound kitschy, what’s a park visit without the educational film? When you need to rest between hikes, catch this 22-minute movie.

The Visitor’s Center also has onsite park rangers eager to answer questions. They can even direct you best towards your next adventure.

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View or Experience Crater Lake

Among Crater Lake’s best features is how you can enjoy it during your stay. Whether you plan to get dirty or view from afar, you have options.

You can drive around the lake or hop onto the trolley car. Pumice Castle Overlook also provides a great way to see the scenery.

Check out this video about Crater Lake National Park