Best Waterfalls in the US

Waterfalls have mystified visitors for many generations. Today, you can still find lots to visit throughout the nation.

Your mom warned you not to go chasing them, so we did instead. Here are our favorite waterfalls right here in the United States.

Niagara Falls

What makes Niagara Falls unique is it’s three distinct waterfalls in one. Plus, you can access it from either New York state or nearby Ontario, Canada.

The water flow is powerful and gets used via hydroelectricity. Because it flows so quickly and strong, it’s also clean water as well.


Currently, even those working there don’t even know how many waterfalls Yosemite houses. Some even prove too dangerous to explore, while others are must-see spots.

Many of them run dry by summer, but they begin flowing again shortly after. Storms, snowmelt, and changes in elevation impact how much water you see.

Grand Canyon

The Havasupai Waterfall gets its name from the Havasu tribe. It refers to the refreshing blue-green waters from the Colorado River.

Although a challenging terrain, visitors gleefully say it’s worth the effort. Plus, there are places to set up camp in a tent along the way.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is so breathtaking, it’s become the top destination in the region. This Oregon favorite is open year-round with no fee to enter. There is a lodge present, although currently no rooms are getting rented. They do offer bathrooms to use, and the gift shop is open as well.

Check out this video of Niagara Falls